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Data and Chatbot Integration

Convenient upstream integration for easier data ingestion and downstream integration for chatbot deployment

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Make more more sales with KaraboAI

With KaraboAI chatbots, selling more, gathering the best leads, managing your schedule, and connecting with your customers just got easier. Our chatbots do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

  • We've got a lineup of chatbots ready to match your business vibe
  • Add your business info and pick a chatbot color that suits your brand
  • Put the chatbot on your website or chat with customers on WhatsApp
  • Check out customer chats and reports from your dashboard
  • Add webhooks and third party integrations to collect data

Real Life Case Studies

Read more about real life use cases and case studies of businesses using AI chatbots to make more money.

Calendar/Appointment Management AI Chatbot

Practice Calendar

Cut operating costs by 60% when they switched to Calendar/Appointment Chatbot on WhatsApp.

Trailer Advertising Order Collection AI Chatbot

Trailer Advertising

Trailer Advertising increased trailer orders by 35% on their website when they started using the Order Collection AI Chatbot.

Knowledge Base AI Chatbot

Parent Sense

Increased revenue by 24% when they introduced the WhatsApp based AI Chatbot option for their clients.

Popular Chatbots

Each chatbot created will have a specific purpose and functionality. You can create a chatbot that can perform complex tasks from scheduling appointments for a hair salon with multiple people to collecting survey data or leads.

Business Enquiry Bot Business Enquiries

24/7 Support

Introducing our personalized chatbot, trained on our comprehensive business information, ready to assist your clients with any general queries they may have. From product details to service offerings, our chatbot provides accurate and timely responses, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Data Collection Bot Data Room

Data Room

The Data Room Chatbot functions like a traditional data room, but with advanced capabilities. It can respond to queries like a standard knowledge bot, supply relevant documents, and verify user access to ensure only authorized individuals can view the documents.

Appointment Calendar Scheduling Chatbot Appointment/Calendar

Appointment Scheduling

The Appointment Scheduling Chatbot goes beyond typical scheduling tools by providing real-time interaction. It can answer questions, manage appointments, integrate with your calendar to avoid conflicts, and ensure a seamless booking experience for your clients.

Launch Your Bot in Just 2 Minutes

Straightforward and Simple Bot Setup. Simply Choose Your Bot Type, Input Your Data, and Launch Your Bot. No Coding and No Intricate Process Designs Required.

KaraboAI How To Blog

A list of articles showing you how to get started on KaraboAI the right way, read this before you start with your first blog.