KaraboAI Case Study

Simplified and automated the appointment booking process for a medical doctor practice with multiple locations and appointment types.

Doctor Appointment Chatbot

Client Pain Point

The main pain point for the client was Practice Scheduling Errors, which stemmed from managing multiple practice locations. Each location had unique procedures and appointment types with varying schedule times. Some appointment types were exclusive to specific locations, necessitating a careful balance between schedules to avoid double-booking, maintain a filled calendar, and capitalize on all potential appointments

Do you have any of the following challenges:

  • Need to schedule appointments regularly
  • Collect data as you schedule appointments
  • Collected data must be saved in one location, or CRM
  • Need cost effective solution
  • Prefer 24/7 scheduling

KaraboAI Solution

Smart calendar assistant featuring a user-friendly calendar-view interface and seamless Google Calendar integration. This innovative solution eliminates double bookings and optimizes scheduling efficiency.

Stay connected 24/7 with online accessibility and streamline client registration and file management. Plus, enjoy personalized client reminders for future interactions.

WhatsApp Chatbot Application

What Karabo achieved

With more appointments scheduled, fewer empty slots, and no overlapping bookings, practice assistants can now concentrate on practice-related duties instead of managing appointments.

Our practice runs smoother and we have fewer no shows due to the reminders we send out on WhatsApp.
  • 2x

    appointments booked

  • 60%

    reduced costs

  • 16%

    appointment show ups

  • 3k

    handled conversations