Sales & Accepting Orders

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100,000 Words/per bot
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Zapier, API, Webhooks
Website, WhatsApp, Messenger
Collect and Accept Orders Sales Chatbot


The Accepting Orders Chatbot is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate business inquiries and streamline the process of collecting orders for products and services listed on your website. In addition to addressing general business queries, this chatbot enables users to request information about specific products and services and place orders directly through the chat interface. Orders are sent to the chatbot owner for fulfillment, and users can return to the chatbot to follow up on their orders. Owners can easily update order information in the backend for efficient order management.

Key Features

Product and Service Inquiry Handling: Provide users with information about products and services listed on the website, addressing queries and offering detailed descriptions.

Order Placement: Enable users to place orders directly through the chat interface, simplifying the purchasing process and enhancing user convenience.

Order Management: Receive orders sent by users and manage them efficiently through the backend, ensuring timely fulfillment and accurate tracking.

Use Cases

Efficient Order Collection: Streamline the process of collecting orders for products and services by offering users a convenient chat interface to place orders directly.

Improved Customer Experience: Enhance the overall customer experience by providing a seamless and user-friendly platform for inquiries and order placement.

Order Tracking and Management: Enable users to follow up on their orders through the chatbot interface, while allowing owners to manage order fulfillment efficiently in the backend.