24/7 Customer Support

Training Allowance:
100,000 Words/per bot
PDF Uploads:
Website Links:
Zapier, API, Webhooks
Website, WhatsApp, Messenger
24/7 Customer Support Chatbot


The 24/7 Customer Support Chatbot is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline customer service operations and enhance user satisfaction. By integrating information from PDF documents, websites, and details about products and services offered by the business, this chatbot serves as a knowledgeable assistant capable of handling a wide range of customer inquiries. Conversations with customers are securely saved in the admin panel, allowing owners to follow up and address any outstanding issues promptly.

Key Features

Comprehensive Information Processing: The chatbot allows users to upload company information in various formats, such as website links and PDF documents. By analyzing training manuals, product specifications, and other resources, it equips itself to handle a wide range of customer queries accurately.

24/7 Availability: Operating around the clock, this chatbot ensures that customer support is always available, handling the majority of website queries any time of the day. This constant availability significantly enhances customer service by providing immediate responses to inquiries.

Multi-Platform Deployment: With capabilities to be deployed both on your website and via WhatsApp, the chatbot extends the reach of your customer service, making it accessible from various platforms. This flexibility allows customers to interact with your support system from wherever they are most comfortable.

Ultimate Query Handling: This ultimate customer support bot is designed to manage and resolve the bulk of incoming queries, reducing the workload on human agents and increasing operational efficiency.

Advanced Integration Options: The chatbot can be seamlessly integrated with existing CRM systems, allowing it to use real-time data to provide personalized customer support and update customer records as interactions occur.

Use Cases

E-commerce Customer Assistance: Deployed on e-commerce sites, the chatbot utilizes product manuals and FAQ documents to provide accurate information about products, helping customers with queries on product details, usage instructions, and policy information. This ensures customers make informed decisions and receive support at any point in their shopping journey.

Technical Support for Software Products: For software companies, the chatbot acts as a first line of support by analyzing technical manuals and troubleshooting guides. It assists users with common software issues and operational questions, providing step-by-step solutions and technical advice to enhance user experience without human intervention.

Hospitality Customer Service: In the hospitality industry, the chatbot can provide instant responses to common inquiries regarding amenities, policies, and service details. By accessing training manuals and service guidelines, it offers precise and consistent answers, improving guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Healthcare Information Assistance: Healthcare providers can utilize the chatbot to assist patients with inquiries about services and treatment procedures. Loaded with healthcare manuals and patient care protocols, the chatbot provides accurate and essential information, clarifying treatment options and healthcare practices effectively.