Appointment Calendar Booking Chatbot

Training Allowance:
100,000 Words/per bot
Smart Tables:
Calendar Integration:
Google Calendar
Zapier, API, Webhooks
Website, WhatsApp, Messenger
Appointment Calendar Booking Chatbot


The Calendar Scheduling Assistant is the next generation tool for managing appointments, designed to simplify and enhance scheduling across various settings. This sophisticated chatbot integrates with platforms like Google Calendar and can manage up to 10 concurrent calendars, making it ideal for businesses with multiple service providers. Whether you run a medical practice, a beauty salon, or offer professional consulting services, this chatbot ensures that scheduling is handled efficiently. It verifies email addresses, provides real-time availability, schedules appointments, and sends calendar invites directly to both the user and the calendar owner. Additionally, it supports launching to a WhatsApp number, further enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Key Features

Advanced Calendar Integration: Connect seamlessly with up to 10 Google Calendars, providing real-time synchronization and management.

Multi-Calendar Management: Handle multiple calendars simultaneously, ideal for businesses with various service providers or locations.

Dynamic Scheduling Interface: Offer an interactive, user-friendly interface where clients can select preferred times, facilitating an efficient scheduling process.

Comprehensive Communication Tools: Collect and verify client email addresses, send personalized appointment reminders and follow-ups, and manage cancellations or rescheduling requests efficiently.

Calendar View Appointment

Use Cases

Healthcare Facilities: Manage appointments for multiple practitioners, from general physicians to specialists, enhancing patient care and clinic efficiency.

Beauty and Wellness Centers: Schedule and manage appointments for various services, improving client experience and operational efficiency.

Professional Services: Coordinate meetings, consultations, and sessions with ease, boosting productivity and client satisfaction.

Educational and Coaching Services: Organize and schedule sessions for tutors, coaches, and trainers, optimizing time and resource allocation.