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100,000 Words/per bot
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CRM Data Collection Chatbot


The CRM Data Collection Chatbot revolutionizes the way businesses gather essential customer relationship management (CRM) data. Set up in less than a minute, this chatbot can be launched on both websites and WhatsApp, offering flexibility and immediate deployment. With the ability to collect diverse types of data, including text, yes/no responses, numbers, images, and even PDF documents, it adapts to various data collection needs—from simple registration forms to comprehensive event RSVPs. All data is neatly organized in the backend of the application, with the option to connect webhooks for real-time notifications on new submissions.

Key Features

Email Verification: To ensure the integrity of data, the chatbot incorporates an email verification process where users must confirm their email addresses by entering a code sent to them. This step effectively filters out fake emails and blocks spammers, maintaining the quality of your CRM data.

Flexible Data Collection: The chatbot is designed to collect a wide array of data types including text, numbers, boolean responses, documents, and even images. This versatility makes it ideal for gathering comprehensive lead information that can be directly fed into any CRM system.

User-Friendly Interface: Unlike traditional forms, the CRM Data Collection Chatbot offers a conversational interface that users find more engaging and easier to interact with, enhancing user experience and increasing the likelihood of completed submissions.

Seamless CRM Integration: The chatbot is designed to connect effortlessly with any downstream CRM system. Collected data can be directly uploaded to CRMs, ensuring efficient lead management and immediate availability of data for sales and marketing teams.

Advanced Data Security: All data collected through the chatbot is securely stored and managed, with options for exporting or integrating via webhook for additional processing or analytics. This ensures that sensitive information is handled with the utmost security.

Output Data Chatbot

Use Cases

Real Estate Lead Qualification: Real estate agencies can use the chatbot to qualify potential buyers by collecting detailed information about their property preferences, budget, and readiness to buy. This data is directly fed into the agency's CRM, allowing agents to tailor their approach and focus on high-potential leads.

Customer Support Enhancement: Companies can integrate the chatbot within their support channels to collect preliminary information from customers reporting issues. This information helps prepare support staff with the context needed to provide effective assistance, and data is automatically updated in the CRM for future interactions.

Market Research Data Gathering: Market researchers can deploy the chatbot to gather diverse types of data from various demographics. The ability to collect images and documents allows for richer data collection, aiding in comprehensive market analysis.

Recruitment and HR Processes: HR departments can use the chatbot to streamline the initial stages of the recruitment process by collecting resumes, personal details, and preliminary interview responses from candidates. This information is automatically organized in the CRM, simplifying candidate management and screening processes.