Client Feedback Chatbot

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100,000 Words/per bot
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Zapier, API, Webhooks
Website, WhatsApp, Messenger
Client Feedback Chatbot


The Client Feedback Chatbot offers a streamlined solution for collecting client reviews and feedback. By replacing traditional client feedback call centers and complaints lines with an AI chatbot, businesses can efficiently gather valuable insights from their clients. The chatbot provides a user-friendly interface for clients to submit feedback, which is then organized for the team to follow up in the backend database. Additionally, client feedback can be sent via webhook or Zapier integration to any third-party application for further analysis or action.

Key Features

Quick Setup and Launch: Easily set up the chatbot in under a minute and launch it on your website or WhatsApp, instantly starting your data collection.

Flexible Data Collection: Customize the chatbot to collect a wide range of data types, ensuring versatility in application from simple surveys to complex document collection.

Real-time Data Access: Access all collected data through a comprehensive backend dashboard, with options for manual review or export.

Advanced Integration Options: Enhance data workflow with webhook connections and seamless integration with CRM systems via Zapier, optimizing the utility of collected data.

Output Data Chatbot

Use Cases

Comprehensive Registration Systems: Build registration systems that collect detailed user information and required documents, streamlining the enrollment processes for events or services.

Event RSVP Management: Create efficient RSVP forms that not only gather attendee data but also preferences and specific requirements, enhancing event planning and execution.

Lead Qualification: Utilize the chatbot to qualify leads by collecting detailed CRM information, aiding in targeted marketing and sales strategies.

Customer Feedback Collection: Deploy the chatbot to gather customer feedback through diverse response formats, enabling detailed analysis and responsive business strategies.